3 Ways to Save on Business Technology Costs


How your business can continue to thrive during uncertain times

Many small business owners are concerned about the current economic times.  Here are three ways that your business can be better prepared and even thrive during these times. 

  • Secure and protect what you already have.  Putting proper security platforms into play is crucial to detecting issues before they happen.  There are lots of attack vectors you need to actively protect.  Cloud services like Microsoft and Google are the two biggest to protect. Anywhere else you store files or have a login to also needs to be protected.  Utilizing Multi-Factor Authentication and having proper backups is a good first step towards giving your business a chance to fight off attackers.  You don’t want an unexpected event such as a data breach or hack to occur.  Make sure you have cybersecurity mitigation strategies in place and your cybersecurity insurance policy is robust and up to date.
  • Find simple ways to cut costs.  Make sure you don’t have any unnecessary licenses or subscriptions and make sure you are getting the best deal on internet.  Regularly auditing licenses will ensure you are staying on top of this issue. If you aren’t fully utilizing a platform, maybe cut it out of your expenses and save the money.  Or see if two products you are using have any feature crossover and pick only one to keep using and paying for.
  • Continue to have a positive mindset and plan for future growth.  Continue to set goals, and make plans to achieve them.  Better technology can assist you with this endeavor by automating and streamlining your processes.  Continually work on your marketing and sales processes as those will bring you additional clients. If you have outdated hardware, make a plan ahead of time for how you will replace it so you don’t have an surprise if it decides to die one day.