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Industry-based IT Solutions and Services

Solve your unique industry needs and requirements while meeting industry regulations.


Being a small business owner or operator means you’re wearing multiple hats from human resources to marketing and sometimes your IT. But when there’s a tech-related problem, you’re losing productivity and profits as you work to fix the issue. Even the smallest or most common IT challenges can often send a business into a tailspin leading to financial losses, customer repercussions, and even legal problems. 

My IT Indy provides comprehensive managed IT services and solutions that are tailored to your small businesses and your budget. The result – business IT systems that are simple, integrated and scalable as well as secured.

Small Business IT Services: 24/7 Help Desk and IT Support, Managed IT Solutions, Cybersecurity, Data Backups and Disaster Recovery, VoIP.


Managing schedules and supply lines. Mapping delivery routes. Delivering shipments on time. With the right technology you can manage all the moving parts of your business.  My IT Indy provides IT solutions to keep your distribution or logistics company on task and on time. We have proven expertise in enhancing operational efficiency, supporting tracking and delivery management systems, and improving real-time information flow to optimize communication for critical decision making to meet customer demands.

Logistics and 3PL IT Services: Application Management, Legacy Modernization, Product Engineering, Network Infrastructure Management, Business Process Services, Cybersecurity, Data Integration, Digital Transformation.


Customers expect to know where their items are in real-time. Distribution and warehousing companies need to leverage technology to provide a clear view of goods and data in transit and at rest. But companies struggle to develop an IT infrastructure that is reliable, cost-effective, and secure. Our experience spans the distribution industry working with wholesale, warehousing, logistics, and transportation companies. Whether you need mobile solutions for field workers and delivery staff, improved warehouse WiFi, or support for your Warehouse Management System, our team can help.

Distribution and Warehousing IT Services: System Integrations and Automation, Cybersecurity, Supply Chain Technology Support, WiFi, Business Process Technology, Network and Data Security, Network Infrastructure Management, Help Desk.


Law firms need IT solutions that you can stake your reputation on – there is no room for error. Advancements in legal industry technologies enable lawyers to access data, research cases, and process more information than ever before, but it can be challenging to know where to begin. Case Management Software, document management, email encryption, time tracking, billing contacts, case calendars and more have created an even greater reliance on IT infrastructure security, performance, and reliability. This is where we come in. Through managed IT and managed security services, we make sure your internal law firm information, confidential client information, and data is safe and secure while always accessible with no downtime.

Legal IT Services: IT Infrastructure, Network Security and Management, Cybersecurity and Threat Protection, Remote Workforce Support, Cloud Computing, IT Managed Services, Data Backups and Disaster Recovery


Marketing Firm

The last thing you need is business-critical systems and applications to be down and negatively impacting how you serve your customers. After all, your business revolves around client satisfaction, meeting tight deadlines, and managing multiple projects. Our team understands your marketing tech stack; from email and video communication platforms, to file sharing, secure data storage and backups, to connectivity and remote work support. With My IT Indy you’ll have reliable IT services that support your clients growth.

Marketing Firm IT Services: Help Desk, 24/7 IT Support, Cybersecurity, Network Infrastructure and Management, Secure File Storage, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery, Application Management.


Two of the biggest challenges for accounting and financial firms is keeping technical infrastructure up and running while securing highly confidential information. Cloud computing, various integrated tax software and mobile accounting are key technologies that need to be protected from cyber threats and operate at peak performance.

My IT Indy implements and manages accounting systems and infrastructure so you can relax and focus on your business – knowing it is secure.

Accounting & Financial IT Services: Network Security and Management, Cybersecurity and Threat Protection, Remote Workforce Support, Business Process Consulting and Implementation, Application Management


With complex supply chains and new business models, manufacturers must increase efficiency and improve performance by integrating and collaborating with suppliers. The right technology and IT partner makes all the difference.

We help you keep your plants operational 24/7, seamlessly integrating your locations and systems to improve performance and increase efficiencies without compromising security. Our services enable flexibility in operations, support transformational initiatives and deliver value for your technology investments.

Manufacturing IT Services: IT Compliance and Cybersecurity, Production and Business Process Technology, Network and Data Security, Network Infrastructure Management, Application Management.


My IT Indy understands retail technology-related solutions like no one else. Whether you’re looking to optimize operations, ensure the security of customer data, or create engaging e-commerce experiences, My IT Indy’s managed retail IT and e-commerce solutions are all you need to enhance sales and drive revenue.

Some of the growing retail sector requirements we help with include: software services to streamline operations, finances, and the entire chain supply. Solutions for infrastructure, security, and applications. Helping you manage transaction-related processing and your business data.

Retail IT Services: IT Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, VoIP, POS, Business Process Technology, Network and Data Security, Network Management, Application Management


Insurance companies depend on us to make their IT infrastructure a reliable tool for achieving their business goals, while controlling costs and securing their data. Through our IT services we assist insurance providers with meeting compliance and changing security regulations, automation and integration, as well as access to confidential data. We understand that your firm needs business IT systems that are simple, integrated, and scalable. 

Insurance IT Services: Network Security, Application Management, Email Archiving and Encryption, Digital Workflows, Data Access Management, fully Managed IT Services, Secure Remote Access.