3 Ways to Save on Business Technology Costs


Make your business tech more like Thanksgiving, and NOT like Christmas or Halloween.

I’m going to say something weird here, but by the end it will make sense.

Your business technology needs to be like the holiday Thanksgiving.  At least in the purest sense of the holiday as we all imagine it.  Your technology should NOT be like Christmas or Halloween.

That sounds kind of strange, but here’s why.

Thanksgiving is a holiday with everything following along according to somebody’s master plan.  Whoever was running that holiday, ran the kitchen.  Turkey had to go in at a certain time, and mashed potatoes had to be done a certain way to be perfect.  The kitchen had to be ruthlessly guarded against security threats like kids grabbing rolls or bits of pie crust.  Wooden spoons were the weapon of choice against threats to the process, and they WORKED.  Systems and processes guided the holiday, and everything ran smoothly with a final output of a Thanksgiving dinner that was perfect.

Christmas and Halloween are NOT ideal holidays for your business IT.  NOBODY likes surprises with business tech.  Literally, nobody.  Everybody wants things to function as they are supposed to, no massive changes overnight that people must deal with the next morning as happens at Christmas. (Read: spending all day putting together a playset that Santa delivered) The same goes with Halloween. We really don’t need to be scared with business tech.  Many times, if you don’t properly plan and manage your business tech the Christmas surprises end up as Halloween nights of terror. 

So again, Thanksgiving planning & preparation means you get a fantastic meal and experience.  Christmas surprises lead to Halloween scares.  In 2023, let’s strive to get your business technology running more like a Thanksgiving meal!  

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