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How Paganelli Law Group Utilized IT to Focus More on Their Clients

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Launched in 2013 in Tony Paganelli’s spare bedroom, Paganelli Law Group (PLG) now consists of more than a dozen lawyers and a team of support staff dedicated to serving entrepreneurs and professionals across central Indiana and the Midwest. Their team of experienced lawyers tries cases, closes deals, and puts their clients’ interests first.

The Challenge

In charge of his firm’s technology and facing rapid growth, Tony needed a provider that could meet his IT goals, as well as keep up with constantly changing technology and security. With Tony being in charge of his employee’s troubleshooting, onboarding new employees, software updates, and navigating data into the cloud, and more, the time to run his practice was limited daily.

Our Solutions

Happy & Secure

“If my people are happy, and we aren’t getting hacked, that tells me that everything is going okay.”

The Right Technology

  • Cloud- Based Solutions
  • Cutting-Edge Security Systems
  • Up-to-date Software
  • Leading Technology

Return on Investment

By taking over Paganelli Law Firms IT, we allowed Tony to focus more on his business and give him peace of mind that his firm and their information were safe. And we think that’s the best ROI you can have.
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Eight years ago, I was a guy with a laptop. Now we are a paperless law firm with 19 lawyers and a 12,000 square foot office. MY IT Indy, helped make this happen with their incredible expertise and human approach.
Tony Paganelli, Owner and Principal of Paganelli Law Firm

How can we help?

At My IT Indy we offer a purpose-driven approach to technology to give small to medium businesses the ability to hand off IT to an expert so that they can focus on their business. We handle everything: managed services, cloud computing, MDM, networking, disaster recovery, process, remote support, security, and VOIP.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in exploring more digital capabilities for your business, let’s give you a hand with finding the right innovative technology solutions that make the most sense for you.

If this is you don’t hesitate to reach out to us; it doesn’t cost anything to have a conversation.

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