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5 questions to consider about your website

When a new business reaches out to me or I meet a new contact, the FIRST thing I do is look up their website to learn more about what they do. It helps me frame the conversations I am going to have with them and it helps me become more knowledgeable about their business.  I bet you do that too!

If your website looks like an old, abandoned house, that’s a problem.  Think about the impression it gives to those at visit it. 

So, take a minute and go look at your website through the lens of a potential customer or client.

Does it inspire confidence in your company’s ability to service new clients?

Speaking plainly, would YOU give YOU money for services?  Or would you go find somebody else?  If you are unsure go ask your kids to check out your website.  They will give you an honest opinion.

Does your website have SSL enabled?

Not having SSL in 2022 is a showstopper.  SLL is a secure means of browsing your website and knowing it’s legitimate.  Without this, Google will not rank you *at all* so noone will be able to find your business when searching for your services.

Does your website have a blog with current content on it?

Establishing yourself as industry experts is invaluable to your company.  Putting out your own blog content is a masterful way of proving this to prospects.

Does your website require out of date plugins?

Flash/Silverlight/Java.  They once ruled the Internet, now they are massive security issues and have been disabled on web browsers (older versions of Java).  If your website uses any of these your content will not even show up.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Check out your website on a mobile to make sure it is readable and formatted correctly.  Having a mobile friendly website is crucial for customers to find you since most searching is now done on smartphones.

If you want to talk about having a new website built for your business, we would be very happy to talk with you about this.