The Positive Impact of Technology in the Workplace

One of the largest contributors to job dissatisfaction is the lack of technology at work. Many times, employees are not able to complete tasks in a timely fashion due to outdated technology that hinders their performance.  Do improvements in technology lead to greater job satisfaction? Yes! Good modern technology can actually help improve employee performance […]

Tips for Small Business Automation

Tips for Small Business Automation Business owners always want to know how to do things better, and sometimes automation will accomplish this goal. There are a lot of ways to automate processes that are a chore to do manually. Let’s start off by defining what business automation actually is. What is automation in business? In […]

What Is a Managed Services Provider?

Types of Managed Services Managed Service Providers (MSP) or Managed IT Services have been around for many years, but as technology changes, so do the offerings.  Technology has evolved a lot in the past decade.  We used to use desktop computers hard wired into networks and connected to servers down the hall for our work.  […]

What computer should we use, Windows or Macs?

Often times I am asked by prospects “What computer should we use, Windows or Macs?” And my answer typically is, “Depending on what you use for your business, it could be either, or both.” What does this mean? In 2022 more traditional applications work on both Mac/Windows or are web-based so will work on anything. […]

Mac Vs Windows isn’t the same battle it was years ago.

Mac Vs Windows isn’t the same battle it was years ago. With Web-based applications becoming more popular, it really might not matter what you use for computers in your business these days. It kind of depends on what your employees feel comfortable using and what makes them as efficient as possible. Where Mac and Windows […]

How Paganelli Law Group Utilized IT to Focus More on Their Clients

About Paganelli Law Group Launched in 2013 in Tony Paganelli’s spare bedroom, Paganelli Law Group (PLG) now consists of more than a dozen lawyers and a team of support staff dedicated to serving entrepreneurs and professionals across central Indiana and the Midwest. Their team of experienced lawyers tries cases, closes deals, and puts their clients’ […]