3 Ways to Save on Business Technology Costs


Taking payments in your business is the *MOST* important thing (and the most fun IMO). 

So how can you make it better?

Payment processing is a commodity offered by Intuit, Costco, your local bank, etc.  It’s easy, but it’s not necessarily good or cheap.

If you go with somebody like Costco or Stripe, you are not getting a great rate on your fees.  These are large companies that do not know or care about your business. They don’t work for you, they work for THEM.  They don’t work to make your lives easier, nor give you the best rate they can.  And that’s the problem.  People use them but don’t truly know that they are getting ripped off on the available rates or even ease of use for the platform.

What if you could get a payment platform that did this:

  1. Gave you the best rate possible
  2. Integrated with your accounting platform for easy reconciliation
  3. Allowed integrated invoicing from your billing platform (or use theirs!)
  4. Made your life easier.

If these things are important to you, I highly recommend you schedule a *FREE* consultation and rate check with our specialists.  With just a bit of info from you, we will be able to tell approximately how much we can save you per month, and let you know what the setup will look like.